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I made these sites to share my experience in building a Linux Server, so you will find practical information about how you can manage users, disk quota, processes, and network and how to set up a DNS server, SMTP/POP3 e-mail server, a Web server, a FTP server, and more. Perhaps the most importance part of my sites for you is my essays, the other part just tell my background of life, if you realize that your life is short you may ignore them and go directly to my essays ;-).

Now Linux is on the radar screen of virtually all IT professional around the globe. The impact of Linux has been felt even by the commercial operating system giants. Once an operating system for the hobbyst, Linux matured over the years and become serious server platform candidate for the world of IT.

There are so many Linux distribution in this small world. As you may realized from the discussion of the various distributions, practically the same linux kernel code is used in the various distributions. What differentiates the mainstream distributions is the layer of ease of installation, ease of configuration, and breadth of user-level applications. I aggree with anyone who said "If Linux is to be successful operating system, it has to be userfriendly and be useable by anyone from beginners to the most advance users". Hey what about security ? security is not about distribution but it's about your skill how to manage your server. Interested ? Welcome aboard.

Most of images was created and animated on my Pentium 133 Mhz, 32 Mb RAM, 1.7 Gb IDE Harddisk with Linux kernel 2.2.16-22, gimp 1.1.25..!


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