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Undergraduate Program

In August 1994 I enrolled at Institut Teknologi Bandung. I majored in Architecture. Eventhough I began college as an architecture major, later I found myself more interested in the computer than the building. And I also discovered that I had virtually no artistic talent for architecture. I was the follower of great Louis Sullivan's design principle, 'Form Follow Function', perhaps it's the impact of my personal condition. Spending hard time during my undergraduate program, finally I graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from ITB in February 2001.

Senior High School

I was at SMAN 1 Bangkalan . The school was located in my home town and i used to get there in 10 minutes by bycycle . It's was the most popular school in the city. I used to struggle with quite a bit of homework each night . I used to routinely have homework in Math, English, History, Intro to Electric Tech and Drama, almost every night. Weekends were a drag because i had so many errands to run and other things to do and i never got to plan any fun days because the homework was always hanging over me.

Junior High School

I was so excited the first day at my new school! I was ready to leave elementary school, and explore new classes, meet some newpeople, and have fun! Elementary school was becoming annoying becauseat times we didn't get much choice in what we wanted to do. We could choose a couple of sports to play, and maybe an afterschool club. But, at SMPN 3 Bangkalan, I found out that there wastons of organizations to join, and many of my friends were becomingvery involved.

Elementary School
I took an elemtary school at SDN Pangeranan 1 Bangkalan. I began each day by gathering in the center of my learning areas for opening exercises. i saluted the flag, sang songs, shared news and sometimes read poems. This opening builds community among me and teachers. i and teachers hard at work. There was a sense of order and respect. The school atmosphere was warm and friendly. Happy children were attentive to their schoolwork. School staff strived to build a supportive learning community for all students. During the day, we focus on reading, writing and mathematics. Teachers guided me to become good readers, expressive writers and skillful mathematicians. They met to look closely at their my work and to find ways to help me improve. The main focus was teaching and learning. I also had opportunities to take part in enrichment activities. I enjoyed classes in art, music, physical education and computers. As the school day drawed to a close, teachers, parents and administrators often gathered for School Council meetings. They worked together on projects to benefit the school.
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