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Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School building
January 2001 - Present
This project was ordered by a nonprofit organization 'Salafiyah Islamic Boarding School' located in Bangkalan, Madura. The project was challenging, but also fun and I designed the building during my leisure time. The project is still under contruction, if you would like to donate them please contact me.
Bangkalan Traditional Market
January 2000 - September 2000
It was my final project assignment at university, an architectural design. To my understanding, there are three levels of shape grammars in architectural design: that in the site plan, that in the building, and that in the details. This assignment addressed the question how to apply shape grammars in architectural design. The above three levels of application of the rules will be explored. For this project, I wanted to further explore the traditional market in Bangkalan. My goal for the final project was to show a detailed rendered model of the market, in context, to go through a small step-by-step construction of the market, and to provide some analysis of the complex utility required by a traditional market.

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