Back to 1980

I was about five years old when i joined play group. I started to know someone else to play together. I used to play “tanjan” and “klereng” with my big sister and her friends in the backyard while my mom was in the house ironing some clothes. She used to go to backyard sometimes to see us, she started helping us deal with it by showing us how to play with care . My mother was awful smart, even though she’d only gotten to fourth grade. She had knowledge all her own; knowledge of human nature, plus plenty of common sense. She used to wake me up in the morning and shower me befor taking me to playgroup about 3 yards from home.

Two years was left when the first time i joined Pangestu Preliminary School, it’s located about 4 yards from home. I started to practice how to ride bycycle and my older sister teached me with care. She was smart and love me very much. I had only one bycycle so we must to share each other. My younger brother started joining Pangestu Junior High School too when the school moved to new location about 9 yards far from our ordinary home. He was about 3 years youngger. I was a bad brother, it’s was happen when i didn’t want to take my younger brother on my bike when we went home from school together, he was just too heavy for me, but it still in my guilty feeling now, he was a very smart kid. I remember that well; he was very bright. He could add and subtract numbers when he was three-and-a-half years old. The older people in the neighborhood, they used to say about him, “That boy is too smart”.

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