BowFlex Relaunch: Celebrating Movement and Individuality

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In an exciting evolution of a fitness icon, Nautilus proudly announces the relaunch of the BowFlex® brand with a dynamic visual system and a brand philosophy centered around fostering a lifelong appreciation for movement. This transformation reflects the brand’s deep commitment to helping individuals discover the joy and vitality that accompanies every step, jump, and lift.

The new BowFlex brand identity transcends the conventional ideals of fitness – it’s a celebration of feeling good every time you move, rather than conforming to external standards of perfection. The core sentiment that drives BowFlex enthusiasts is the invigorating sensation of a powerful cardio or strength session. This revamped identity captures that sentiment and extends it into every facet of the brand, shaping the design and function of upcoming products slated for release in the near future and beyond.

Michael Robinson, Creative Director at Nautilus, Inc., affirms, “Our intention was to mirror the essence of our products in our brand. Fitness isn’t about aspiring to someone else’s notion of an ideal body; it’s about embracing your intrinsic best. Our new brand identity is all about empowerment, inclusivity, and the sheer delight of movement. Through the revamped BowFlex brand identity, we’re sending a clear message to our valued consumers: march towards what resonates with you, not anyone else.”

The relaunched BowFlex branding introduces an expressive palette of colors and evocative photography that conveys a spectrum of emotions, from determination and optimism to the sheer bliss of physical motion. The redesigned BowFlex logo encompasses the brand’s commitment to movement-driven emotions. The logo encourages introspection, urging individuals to tap into how they feel during their fitness journey. The custom typeface is an embodiment of modernity, uniqueness, and approachability. The deliberate capitalization of the letter “F” symbolizes the brand’s innovation and its mission to redefine strength and movement.

Jim Barr, CEO of Nautilus, Inc., reflects on the brand’s history and future, stating, “For over thirty years, BowFlex has been at the forefront of pioneering home fitness innovations. We are immensely proud of our legacy, but we also recognize that contemporary notions of fitness have shifted dramatically. As a company committed to consumers, we’re dedicated to delivering products that cater to the present and the entire span of their fitness journeys. From our game-changing SelectTech strength line to the revolutionary features of our VeloCore bike and our AI-powered fitness platform JRNY®, we’re reshaping personalized, connected fitness experiences. Our new BowFlex brand identity perfectly aligns with this vision.”

The decision to rebrand led Nautilus to partner with transformation consultancy COLLINS, chosen from a global pool of creative agencies. The challenge was to transcend the BowFlex brand’s association with late-night infomercials and its iconic Power Rod Home Gym. Despite expanding its product range and elevating quality and innovation, the brand needed a fresh identity that resonated with its diverse array of offerings.

The brand exploration process unearthed a captivating dichotomy within consumers: the tension between their intrinsic motivations for exercise and the desire to conform to societal beauty standards. The renewed BowFlex brand voice, logo, and imagery serve as a bridge between these aspirations and the realities people face.

This rejuvenated brand identity will adorn all BowFlex marketing channels, from to upcoming products set to debut in 2023. While the aesthetics transform, the signature personalized experience remains intact. Gradual dumbbell weight increments and immersive cardio features continue to provide users with incremental progress and lifelike training experiences.

The revolutionary JRNY adaptive fitness platform takes BowFlex equipment a step further by creating an individualized, connected fitness journey. Each session offers a tailored selection of workouts dubbed “Just for You,” catering to users’ progress and potential. With the addition of the JRNY app’s Motion Tracking, real-time intelligent guidance ensures proper form, automatic rep counting, and adaptable weight targets.

Becky Alseth, Chief Marketing Officer at Nautilus, Inc., proudly states, “Our rebranding isn’t just about a visual shift; it’s about embracing the uniqueness of our customers. In an industry fixated on uniformity, we’re thrilled to introduce something distinctive: a brand that celebrates the individuality of every user. Triumph in fitness isn’t about adhering to strict metrics; it’s about engaging in movement, regardless of duration. This is the essence of the new BowFlex.”

In conclusion, the relaunched BowFlex brand identity embodies a profound shift in the fitness landscape. It’s a testament to the power of movement and the individual’s journey towards vitality and well-being. With its vibrant visual palette, empowering philosophy, and commitment to innovation, the new BowFlex brand is set to captivate fitness enthusiasts on a deeply personal level, fostering a genuine love for movement that transcends societal norms and expectations.

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