Colorful Choices: Eat Better, Feel Better at Work!

Introducing Colorful Choices: A Revolutionary Wellness Program

In a groundbreaking move, Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a leading wellness challenges company, unveils Colorful Choices. This innovative program goes beyond the ordinary wellness challenge, aiming to transform lifestyles by encouraging healthier eating habits centered around vibrant, nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits.

Tailored Wellness for the Modern Workforce

Colorful Choices isn’t just a one-size-fits-all approach; it’s a customized lifestyle change that accommodates the needs of employees, whether they’re at the office or working remotely. Embracing a mobile-first design, the program turns learning about healthy eating and tracking progress into an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Social Engagement for Healthier Lives

Emphasizing camaraderie and team spirit, Colorful Choices introduces innovative social features. The “Friends” feature connects participants, fostering accountability and a shared commitment to making healthier choices. The “Teams” component allows groups to form, promoting workplace relationships and healthy competition. The “Wellness Wall” creates a virtual community hub, celebrating individual successes and fostering a supportive environment for the entire workforce.

Seamless Integration for Lasting Impact

Colorful Choices seamlessly integrates into existing wellness programs, health portals, or operates as a stand-alone challenge for health plan members and community groups. This flexibility aims to build a culture of health and vitality, reflecting HES’s commitment to fostering well-being in workplaces and membership organizations.


Dean Witherspoon, HES CEO, expresses excitement about the positive impact Colorful Choices will have on organizations and teams. The program’s commitment to encouraging healthy choices aligns with HES’s dedication to creating a culture of well-being. Join the 30-minute group demo on Tuesday, January 30, at noon ET, led by Colorful Choices program director Danielle Meeder and HES team leader Rachel LaBerge. Register for the demo at and enjoy a 1-week trial of the challenge afterward.


Explore the scientific foundation behind Colorful Choices in the special report, “Produce First: A Compelling Case for Simplicity.” This report provides wellness managers with insights on the benefits of shifting eating patterns toward vegetables and fruits. Embrace simplicity and embark on a journey towards a healthier, more vibrant workplace with Colorful Choices.

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