Compass Health Center: Bringing Vital Mental Health Care to Maryland

Compass Health Center

In a significant move to address the pressing mental health care gap, Compass Health Center, the renowned provider of intermediate-level behavioral health services, is set to launch its services in Silver Spring, Maryland, this September. The expansion marks a crucial step in combating the dearth of accessible mental health care options across the state, with a strong commitment to providing patient-centered care both in-person and virtually. This initiative not only offers hope to individuals and families in need but also generates over 100 new employment opportunities.

A Striking Need for Comprehensive Mental Health Care in Maryland

With over 1 million children and adults grappling with mental health conditions in Maryland, the state’s communities are facing a profound challenge. Alarming statistics reveal that high school students with depression are more than twice as likely to drop out compared to their peers. Shockingly, 45.5% of adolescents aged 12-17 with depression didn’t receive any care last year. Additionally, a staggering 188,000 adults in Maryland reported having thoughts of suicide in the past year. These figures underscore the critical requirement for comprehensive mental health care and support within the state.

Compass Health Center: Pioneering a Holistic Approach to Care

Founded by esteemed psychiatrists Dr. David Schreiber, M.D., and Dr. Claudia Welke, M.D., Compass Health Center, headquartered in Chicago, introduces a unique model of care rooted in their extensive hospital inpatient experiences. This model aims to avert costly and distressing emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations while delivering a more effective level of care.

At the core of Compass Health Center’s philosophy is their “speed to care” commitment, ensuring assessments within 24 hours of the initial inquiry. This approach minimizes unnecessary ER visits and hospital admissions while ensuring timely access to vital psychiatric evaluations, conducted within 24-48 hours of program commencement.

Expanding Horizons: Compass Health Center Reaches Maryland

“Compass Health Center has always been dedicated to providing timely and specialized mental health care to those in need. As we witness a concerning surge in mental health issues across the nation, it becomes imperative to extend our proven care model to the people of Maryland,” states Dr. David Schreiber, CEO and co-founder of Compass Health Center. “Through this expansion, we aim to offer vital support to the local community, foster economic growth by creating job opportunities, and set a new benchmark for accessible, effective, and patient-centric mental health care.”

Leadership Driving Change

Heading the expansion in Maryland is Erin E. VanLuven, LCSW-C, the new Clinical Vice President, an expert in integrated psychiatric care delivery across multiple sites and states. Alongside her, Dr. Marissa Leslie, a seasoned Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist with over 20 years of leadership and clinical experience, takes on the role of Medical Director. Their combined expertise guides Compass Health Center’s multidisciplinary team in providing Partial Hospitalization (PHP), Intensive Outpatient (IOP), Outpatient Psychiatry, and Compass Echo – a program designed to support patients transitioning from IOP.

A Vision Beyond Borders: Virtual Services

Compass Health Center’s reach extends far beyond Silver Spring through its virtual services. Dr. Schreiber emphasizes, “Our virtual services transcend geographical limitations, ensuring that high-quality psychiatric and behavioral health care is accessible to all Maryland residents, regardless of their location.” This innovative approach fills a critical gap for individuals who face barriers in accessing traditional forms of care due to distance or time constraints.

As Compass Health Center gears up for its September launch, assessments are now being scheduled. The organization also plans to be in-network with most Commercial Insurance carriers upon launch, reinforcing their commitment to enhancing accessibility and affordability for their comprehensive mental health care services.

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