Revolutionary Healing System for Vaginal Tears Wins UCI Competition

Healing System for Vaginal Tears

VagAligna, a pioneering team of bio-medical engineers, took home the prestigious $20,000 first prize at the 2023 UCI Stella Zhang New Venture Competition. Their groundbreaking treatment for vaginal tears garnered significant attention and recognition from the panel of judges. With the current lack of effective healing options for women experiencing vaginal tears, VagAligna’s innovative approach presents a promising solution. This article delves into the details of their healing system and highlights the team’s accomplishment in revolutionizing women’s healthcare.

Healing System for Vaginal Tears

Vaginal tears, a common occurrence during childbirth, have traditionally been managed with pain medication and time for the wounds to heal naturally. However, VagAligna has developed a game-changing healing system that introduces a novel approach to address this issue. Led by Fiza Qureshi, the team has created a specialized healing protein that is administered through an adhesive hydrogel applied directly to the wound.

The team’s healing system represents a significant breakthrough in the field of women’s healthcare. By directly targeting the wound site, the treatment aims to accelerate the healing process, providing relief and comfort to women suffering from vaginal tears. This innovative solution has the potential to transform the way such injuries are treated, offering a much-needed advancement in this critical area.

Recognition at UCI Stella Zhang New Venture Competition

VagAligna’s healing system captured the attention of the esteemed panel of judges at the UCI Stella Zhang New Venture Competition. The judges were thoroughly impressed by the team’s groundbreaking solution, which addresses an unmet need in women’s health. Out of the ten finalists, VagAligna emerged as the well-deserved winner of the $20,000 first prize.

Clinical Trials and FDA Approval

As a medical product, VagAligna’s healing system for vaginal tears will undergo rigorous clinical trials and seek approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). While these processes are crucial to ensure safety and efficacy, the team’s remarkable achievement lies in being the first to develop a direct healing solution for this prevalent issue. The future potential of VagAligna’s treatment holds great promise for women worldwide.

The Stella Zhang New Venture Competition

The Stella Zhang New Venture Competition, previously known as the UCI New Venture Competition, has been an annual event for the past 19 years. It serves as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators to showcase their groundbreaking ideas and secure funding to bring them to fruition. Stella Zhang, a notable UCI graduate and successful entrepreneur, made a substantial contribution to the competition, resulting in a significant increase in prize money and recognition.


VagAligna’s triumph at the UCI Stella Zhang New Venture Competition highlights the team’s exceptional innovation and dedication to improving women’s healthcare. Their revolutionary healing system for vaginal tears presents an exciting development in the field, offering hope and relief to women who have lacked effective treatment options in the past. With clinical trials and FDA approval on the horizon, VagAligna’s healing system could potentially transform the lives of countless women around the world.

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