SAVA Sound Pod: Elevate Your Well-being

In a world where wellness meets innovation, TERSA takes the stage to introduce the extraordinary SAVA Sound Pod. This cutting-edge creation, designed to transport you into a higher state of consciousness, is set to redefine your holistic well-being experience.

The Visionary Behind TERSA

Behind the scenes of TERSA is Ray Kelly, a renowned injury rehab expert with over two decades of experience. His passion for disrupting the conventional understanding of well-being, encompassing physical, mental, and emotional health, led to the birth of TERSA. Ray’s unique healing methodology, developed through his own athletic highs and lows, caught the attention of a diverse clientele, including professional athletes, music icons, supermodels, adventurers, and even royalty.

Ray Kelly, Founder and CEO of TERSA, explains, “Our holistic approach not only aims to improve your day-to-day life but also helps you connect with a higher state of consciousness, the cornerstone of optimal well-being. SAVA represents a revolution in health, medicine, and wellness, ushering in a new era of holistic well-being.”

A Harmonious Collaboration

To manifest this vision, Ray enlisted the talents of musical genius Nick Littlemore, renowned for his groundbreaking work with PNAU and Empire of the Sun. Nick’s custom Sound Journeys incorporate patented sound vibration technology, enhancing every SAVA experience.

Nick Littlemore shares his excitement, stating, “Working on Ray’s dream has been an extraordinary journey into the realms of deep imagination and healing. I believe what’s happening here is the future of wellness, meditation, mindfulness, and our essential connection with ‘the other.'”

SAVA – Your Gateway to Elevated Well-being

SAVA is more than just a Sound Journey; it’s a holistic physical and mental wellness experience. It harnesses vibroacoustic technology, emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, and binaural beats to elevate your meditation and recovery experiences. Here’s a glimpse of what SAVA has to offer:

  • Vibroacoustic Sound System

    SAVA features a human-sized Sound Pod that delicately combines body vibrations with immersive music. This unique design transports you to a higher state of consciousness. The Sound Pod has been meticulously crafted to ensure your body feels the vibrations and bass through ten strategically placed high-powered bass transducers, positioned under your legs, hips, back, and shoulders. Simultaneously, your ears are treated to a surround sound experience with four speakers positioned around your head, creating an immersive spatial sound sensation. This combination of physical sensations and auditory immersion takes meditation to new heights, allowing you to reach a higher state of consciousness.

  • Cocoon Design Shape

    The SAVA Sound Pod boasts a womb-like exterior shell that opens into a bed of gracefully curving wings. This design offers both a sense of security and ergonomic benefits, making it the ideal cocoon for healing.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    SAVA’s AI technology assists you in selecting music frequencies that enhance your mood and support a healthy emotional foundation.

  • Solfeggio Frequencies and Binaural Beats

    Experience a range of science-based sound frequencies that optimize your mental and emotional health, helping your brain perform at its best.

    Controlled via a user-friendly mobile app, SAVA allows you to customize your wellness experience based on your mood and goals. It introduces solfeggio frequencies, binaural beats, and brainwave synchronization, which are sound therapy techniques recommended by leading doctors for the treatment of anxiety, stress, insomnia, and related disorders.

Pre-Order Your SAVA Sound Pod Today

The SAVA Sound Pod is now available for pre-order, and it’s your chance to embrace a higher state of well-being. With a retail price of $10,000 USD, you can secure your SAVA by placing a $500 deposit at

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey toward holistic well-being with TERSA and the groundbreaking SAVA Sound Pod. Discover the future of wellness today!

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