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I started buying computer magazine but i had to go to Surabaya to get the magazine. Computer was still the strange thing at the city. One day, my father and i were out in the street while my mom was in the house ironing some clothes as she always did. And my father told me that i must focused to my formal study not the computer”. And i came back to learn mathematics more and more. Day by day i felt falling in love with mathematics. When i was on the second years, my school delegated some of students to join mathematics olympic, unfortunately i wasn’t on that team as i hoped. I was thinking hard to join the olympic and i met Saed to discuss about this. Finally we made decission to go to Pamekasan city to apply and join the olympic. It was a very long trip an we didn’t have much money, but we felt happy when they accept our application. And Saed won the game but i didn’t. We came back to our city together with the school delegation team, we were having fun and enjoyed the trip.

Things started changing fast shortly after that. I guess the first major tragedy in my life was seeing my grand daddy dying when I was about seventeen years old. We should called a doctor when it was happen, but we didn’t have enough money. And my grand mather started to tear up when he left us forever. The big problem was I couldn’t cry; I couldn’t get the sorrow out of my system, and that made things worse. He was about 80 years old and a good moslem when he died. He was a leader of Slafiyah Moslem School at the city. He always remained me when praying time is came and ordered me to get a holy water and pray together.

Now, my grand mother saw the trauma I was going through. So she took me aside one day and said, “Son, you know that I knew your grand pa is my husband. And I know how he tried to raise you. And I know he always taught you to carry on. I also know he told you he wanted you to know how to get around and be independent. Because he knew he wasn’t always gonna be with you. Didn’t he tell you that?”. I said, “Yes grand ma’am'” and started to tear up. And grand ma kept after me. “Well, then, you also know that your grand pa didn’t want you going around just doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself, ’cause that’s not the way he brought you up. Isn’t that right?” I said, “Yes, grand ma’am,” and more tears came out. Now this elderly lady, she knew everything about me, including my sorrow over my grand father’s death She made me realize that it wasn’t my fault, and told me that I couldn’t go through life blaming myself. That episode with grand mather shook me out of my depression. It really started me on my way. After that I told myself that I must do what my grand father would have expected me to do. And so the greatest tragedies in my life — losing my grand father — were, strangely enough, extraordinarily positive for me


I used to get “kulintang” class twice a week, “kulintang” is a traditional music from java, and i practiced the music in short periode becouse i didn’t like it, but i’ve ever played the music in some concerts. As long as I can remember, graphic art has always been something extraordinary in my life. It’s always been something that completely captured my attention — from the time I was three, when someone was showing me his drawing. My first love was the graphics I saw in the line: natural and abstract. That’s why I love nature today, because I saw a lot of it when I was on Pangestu prelimanary school. I used to go to the headmaster’s house with my friend named Ipung two times a week to learn natural drawing from him. Our headmaster named Suharjo was a very wonderful man who was one of the first people to encourage me. He teach me how to make shadow and he always remain me don’t scare to choose anything color. Mr. Suharjo would let me stay up to scratch, coloring, and rendering with pencils. And finally the great thing i got was became a champion on a district drawing tournament. It’s happen a year before finishing my prelimanry school.


Things started changing fast shortly after that. My father always enforced me to do my homework. And he used to give me an extra mathemathics homework. So i had to leave some of playing time and did my mathemathics homework instead. During those times I was totally in touch with basic mathematics problems, it was so hard for me. I was just an ordinary student; I was not exceptional like some students.

I was 13 years old when I finished my prelimanary school. And i joined SMP 3 Bangkalan Junior High School. That was the most devastating periode in my whole experience, my father was the one of teacher staffs at that school so i always scared to do something little different. I was wasting 3 years to complate this school. I dont’t want to tell you much about this periode except i knew a sweet girl, taller than me, and good in mathemathics.

I was growing up, and I started my school at SMANSA Bangkalan Senior High School, it’s about 20 yards far from my home and i used to walk to get there becouse my bike was needed by my younger sister to get her school. If lucky my real friend named Mat Saed pick me up with his old bike, he was a smart boy but he always get the school too late so i couldn’t wait for him. The good thing was the woman that i knew when we were at Junior Hish School still got the same school with me. I hoped i could in the same class with her but that wasn’t happen. But i was still lucky that i got the same clas with the one who known as the most beatiful girl in the school eventhough i did nothing with this opportunity. As an ordinary student i got an extra computer class but i didn’t have a computer at home so i used to go home late just becouse i must to learn computer at school laboratory.

Back to 1980

I was about five years old when i joined play group. I started to know someone else to play together. I used to play “tanjan” and “klereng” with my big sister and her friends in the backyard while my mom was in the house ironing some clothes. She used to go to backyard sometimes to see us, she started helping us deal with it by showing us how to play with care . My mother was awful smart, even though she’d only gotten to fourth grade. She had knowledge all her own; knowledge of human nature, plus plenty of common sense. She used to wake me up in the morning and shower me befor taking me to playgroup about 3 yards from home.

Two years was left when the first time i joined Pangestu Preliminary School, it’s located about 4 yards from home. I started to practice how to ride bycycle and my older sister teached me with care. She was smart and love me very much. I had only one bycycle so we must to share each other. My younger brother started joining Pangestu Junior High School too when the school moved to new location about 9 yards far from our ordinary home. He was about 3 years youngger. I was a bad brother, it’s was happen when i didn’t want to take my younger brother on my bike when we went home from school together, he was just too heavy for me, but it still in my guilty feeling now, he was a very smart kid. I remember that well; he was very bright. He could add and subtract numbers when he was three-and-a-half years old. The older people in the neighborhood, they used to say about him, “That boy is too smart”.